Friday, August 17, 2012

twenty one...and a little bug spray.

Last night I went camping with a group of friends to celebrate my 21st birthday! It went by way too fast, but it was a blast! It may have taken a year and a half to put up the tent and twice as long to get it down, but was good bonding time. I honestly thought we might have to just sleep out on the wet grass, but eventually we did get up our lopsided as it may be! And the guys barely had to help...go figure!

Once it got dark out and I was finished pigging
out on my birthday cupcakes, I started to remember
I was afraid of the woods at night. Call me pathetic,
go ahead I dare you. Usually I have my superhero
dad there to keep away all the bad guys hiding in
the woods, but this time I just had a bunch of friends
who liked to make matters worse.
But hey, I survived!

This morning we faced yet another challenge...taking the tent DOWN. You would think this would be a fairly easy process. But my friend, I'm sorry to say you are wrong. At least if you're with my crowd that's the case! I may have went a little crazy pounding in the stakes with a rock. They were NOT wanting to come out of the ground! Luckily we could count on our good friend Ty to get them out after a good 20 minutes of prying.

We finally got to have some breakfast...if you consider breakfast STUFFING our faces with donuts.

All in all, it was a fantastic mini trip with my beautiful friends. Campfires, s'mores, nature walks, smelly bathrooms, bugs, mud, chilly nights, hamburgers and brats, cupcakes, tents, balloons, scary stories,






  1. What a fun way to ring in such a big age! Happy Birthday:-)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Looks like a fun party, even if I'm not a huge fan of camping! :P I just turned 21 in July--celebrated with a bonfire and board games with friends. Found you through My Beautiful, Crazy Life