Monday, August 20, 2012

His mercy is greater.

The number one thing on my mind lately is nothing less than
God's mercy.
How? How can the most powerful Being ever to exist, love me? I don't think anyone is capable of comprehending something so
He knows every single detail of my life. All my mistakes, all my half-hearted attempts, all my unloving thoughts. When I think of pieces of my past I literally feel sick, yet the God of the universe loves me all the same.

I think I'm pretty much the definition of undeserving when it comes to God's love.
But he
to love me anyways.

Sometimes I feel trapped in past mistakes. I know I have the ability move forward, but some days I don't feel like I deserve to. But you know what? I need to anyways.

Dear Michelle,
You are forgiven and you are loved more than you will ever know. You might not deserve it, but I'm God and loving people is what I do. Your past will always be there, but it doesn't have to define you. There will always be things about the present you don't like as well, but the present doesn't have to define you either. Let ME define you. Circumstances are only circumstances. I am not a circumstance, I am a constant. Abide in me, trust in me, live for me.
Your Savior, Creator, and Father

Insert your name where mine is. I can guarantee, this applies to you too.

Goal for this week: live in God's mercy and redemption and do NOT let my past hold me down!


  1. love your blog!! so glad to find you from my beautiful, crazy life! happy friday!

  2. CUTE blog! I found you from Brianna and can't wait to read more :-)

  3. Hey Michelle! Thank you for the giveaway on My Beautiful Crazy Life! Have a GREAT day! Breanna sent me over:)

  4. New follower! Great guest post at My Beautiful Crazy Life!

  5. Hi Michelle!! Found your blog from your guest post over on Breanna's blog. Great post. Your words are so encouraging. Looks like you're on the path to doing something fabulous and exactly where God wants you.

    Just a side note, have you ever read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren? It's definitely a good road map to help you find your purpose. :)

  6. Hello. I too just found your blog through your guest post. Loved your post. I posted a comment there but thought perhaps I should come say hello here.
    Just want to encourage you that I totally understand what it is like to have a past that the enemy wants to hold over your head. Don't let him!

    A great book that is totally wrecking my life right now (in a wonderful way) is Kisses from Katie! If you have a heart to serve & long to find your passion in serving this is a must read. The author is about your age & her story is incredible.

  7. hi michelle, new follower from My beautiful crazy life! :) and happy birthday!! being in your 20's is a great thing a learning process for sure, but maybe that's all of life. im 29-gonna be 30 in jan! anyways, i love this post..i sometimes freak out how much God loves he loves us's a crazy love that i sometimes cannot understand either. AMEN sister to NOT letting my past hold me down!! there were things ive done or how i acted that i am NOT proud of that were sinful..but thanks be to God for his mercy, love and grace!!

  8. I just discovered your blog! Great message :)

  9. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this have I never found your blog before??????

  10. this really touched me. i have let my past define me so much...i have screwed up so much...and my circumstances.. ive let those define me. i love the end. i am not a circumstance, i am a constant.. thank you for the simple but powerful reminder of his never ending mercy! i am visiting from my beautiful crazy life btw, and am your newest follower. i am so touched tonight...i try so hard to not let my past define me, my present even...but still it does creep in at times.. thank you.