Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday Eve.

I only have a few more hours left of being 20 years old.

Say what?! It seems like just yesterday summer was starting and my birthday was nowhere in sight. Now my birthday is less than 2 hours away! Honestly, I keep forgetting about it. Most people look forward to their 21st birthday for such a long time. I guess I'm just an oddball like that...forgetting my birthday. It's probably because it feels nothing like my birthday. Tomorrow will consist of waking up at 7:00, heading to work til 4, and then coming home and working on a research paper due next week...that I have yet to start. I'm starting to feel like a lame responsible adult!!! But, before you go thinking I don't have ANY should know that I am taking off work Thursday and Friday to go camping with a bunch of friends and I will finally be able to party it up! I just have to wait a few days. In honor of the eve of the day of my birth, I decided I would take you on a trip down memory lane and share a few pictures of my epic birthday parties back in the day. Enjoy a few laughs!

Honestly, I've had some of the most epic birthday parties ever. I insisted on having a sleepover party every.single.year. My poor mother. Deep down, I know she loved all of them. Well, here is my last time signing out as a 20 year old, I'll let you know if I feel any different in a few hours. Have an amazing week!!!

Shirt: Maurices//Pants: Gap


  1. Get the heck out of here. We have the same fricking birthday?!! Today is my 21st Birthday too!! That is nuts!

    Hope you a great day!!!

    1. Umm ok...maybe we really are supposed to be best friends. haha that is awesome! I hope you are having an amazing birthday!!! =)