Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' Snow Day!!!

So today was "Leap Day." Honestly, I don't remember any events of previous leap days. It's just another day in my book. But today, my I really feel like it was an extra, unexpected day of awesomeness. I woke up this morning to realize I was living inside a snow globe. (We had somewhere close to two feet of snow by the end of today!) I was highly disappointed when I remembered that I was in college...where we don't get snow days. We still have to trek our way through the snow to sit through endless hours of class. Well...all of us students were highly surprised when it was announced late morning that classes for the rest of the day were CANCELLED. A snow day??? In college??? Doesn't least not at my tiny little college in the woods. But yes. Today we had a legit snow day...which means mega snow ball fights, tubing, throwing my friends in the snow, and large amounts of hot chocolate. Here are a few pictures of our tubing fun taken by my friend, Ashleigh. I'm the one in the back, laughing like a giddy little child. =P

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I know mine has been great so far, and I have even more exciting things coming up...for instance, my sister is coming tomorrow for the weekend!!!!!! =) I should probably get some sleep so I have energy to hug her to death tomorrow.

God bless and goodnight!

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