Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear February...

Dear February,
     If you don't mind me asking, where did you come from? I was just getting used to January and now its gone. I'm kind of glad you're here though. January was getting a little tiresome and I'm glad you've taken its place. I am determined that you and I will be friends. January and I struggled a little bit but I just know you and I will get along great. Our friendship will bring something new and different into my life. More smiling and laughing first of all. Oh and maybe you could do me a favor and help me to be more diligent with my school work, exercising, and such. If you could do these things for me I know we will be the best of friends. Before long you will be gone just like January and I want to make sure we end on good terms. We have to take advantage of the time we have and make the most of it! Deal? Sounds good to me!

This month I really want to push myself more in all areas. I want to spend more time in God's Word and really strengthen my relationship with Him. He has been trying my faith these last couple weeks and even though its been tough, I know something great is going to come out of it. I'm halfway through the second week of school and its going pretty well so far! Classes aren't too hard yet but I definitely need to buckle down and get some work done! I really need to break my habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done! January has flown by...and since I haven't been blogging a whole lot (I really am sorry!), here is just a glimpse of my month!

I did fun things like spending a day in Chicago with the girls...
(Brianna, Kelsey, me, Lydia, and Jamie waiting at the train station)

I cut my bangs...this may not seem important to you, but after two years of growing them out it's a big deal!

I've been spending my days at school working hard and having fun with my awesome friends! Here is a picture of tonight's sunset...

And unfortunately the majority of what I've been up to this month has been work and school...and I don't really have pictures of those things. =P I OBVIOUSLY need to make an effort to have more adventures this month. Something a little more exciting than cutting my bangs. haha

I hope you all had a great day! God bless!

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  1. great pics!!! its nice that you would have time to spend with God, you will surely be blessed... love your blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!