Saturday, February 11, 2012

{.cue weekend.}

Happy Saturday! I hope you all have had a lovely day! This week has been crazy and today was a good day to just relax a little bit. My week was a little odd since I didn't get back up to school until about 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. I made last weekend into a much needed long weekend at home. It was soooo nice having only three days of classes this week! The weekend came so insanely, amazingly fast!


Oh FRIDAY. Yesterday was a day of craziness...
Woke up. Went to class. Attitude went down. Continued through the day. Attitude got checked! Drove off campus as fast as I could. (weekend!!!) Ate Chinese for dinner. Went in a sauna while dressed in a winter coat and boots. (175 degrees in a sauna while dressed like an eskimo? Try living in Wisconsin in February and you will understand!) Watched a movie. Headed back towards campus in a Jetta with Jamie. Got lost within a two mile radius in Jetta. Jetta ran out of gas in the middle of the road. Homeless man scared me half to death. Two men in creeper van pulled up to offer "help." Finally got gas from mine and Jamie's new awesome Ukrainian friend. (thanks, John!) Arrived back to campus at 12:30 a.m. And...cue sheep above bed as I counted them and fell asleep.

Friday was a good day. I couldn't stop laughing the whole night despite the temporary inconvenience. I don't understand why some people stress out in those kinds of situations. I personally can never stop laughing! Especially when I'm with friends. I view those times as mini adventures...things always work out...why freak out? Totally not worth it!

Well this morning I had to return the Jetta to John and take back my ill Chevy Blazer. =/ After driving a clean, properly functioning, pretty car...I really wish I could afford a new one! But on the plus side I got to make pancakes for breakfast with Jamie! Great start to any morning. Oh and I got a Valentine's package from my parents today containing chocolate and a new travel mug from Starbucks! Yay! No more coffee leaking all over everything! (...and this one changes colors when you poor coffee in it. I am FASCINATED.)

Anywhoo...I am off to continue enjoying my weekend by having a movie/ice cream date with my lovely, Ashley! Do something fun tonight guys! Monday will be here before we know it...relax while you can! =) And remember when the unexpected happens, just keep your chin up and keep laughing. I know I forget to do this sometimes...but God is at work and He is in control. Keep livin, keep lovin, and keep lookin up. =)

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