Monday, January 23, 2012

thank you, europe.

I returned back to school last night. Not the most anticipated day...but returning to my amazing roomies made it much better. =) Especially when I had a Christmas present waiting for me all the way from Ireland. I like having friends from Europe. Not only because she brings me cute presents, but because she is an amazingly sweet, funny, and beautiful girl! You should follow Leah's blog, We are okay.

Here is my present! Isn't this wallet absolutely adorable?! She got it at a store in Ireland called Penny's. Unfortunately they don't have a website. I wish they did because apparently America doesn't sell things quite as amazing as they do in Europe! 

I especially love the purple on the inside. =)

Love ya, Leah! Thanks again for the awesome Christmas present! I will take good care of it! =)


  1. Too stinkin cute :) Checking out her blog now!

    1. Thanks for following her blog! I'm sitting right by her and she's excited to have a new follower! =)

  2. this is darling :) awesome!!