Saturday, January 21, 2012

{.sitting here thinking.}

As I'm sitting here thinking about how fast winter break went by, I can't help but think of how good my God is. His grace never runs out. I am far from perfect, and I continue to make mistakes day after day, but God never gives up on this heart of mine. Even on days when my faith is shaken I can always go to sleep knowing my God is still God. Here are a few things God has been doing in my life recently...

My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and went through six weeks of radiation treatments. He is as of now cancer free. Today was his 77th birthday and he is doing really well!
An old picture of my sister, Grandpa, and I about three years ago.

I was practically handed a job for the past three weeks and it was totally unexpected.

I get to go back to school for yet another much as I dread the thought of school, its a blessing that I get to go!
Me and my room mates whom I am very excited to be reunited with!

Well...I know this post is really short...but its late and I have a busy day tomorrow. I just wanted to share a few things God has been doing. I will be back again soon! =)

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