Friday, September 23, 2011

{.all consuming.}

That is the question I've been dwelling on this past week.

Last weekend I was reading through a book I've been going through along with my devotions. It talked about how God should be consuming our entire being. It's so easy for us to replace God in our hearts and in our thoughts. Even a really good thing can become a sin if we put it in front of Christ. Reading this was very convicting because often times I find myself caring about something so much that I begin looking at it without God in the picture. Loving something or caring about something is by no means a bad thing...but it should never consume us so much that it begins to replace our awesome God!

This past week we had Will Galkin here for Heart Conference. Every day he spoke on something that I was able to relate to my question, "what consumes me?" One day he even made the statement, "even a good thing can become a bad thing when it becomes a ruling thing." Umm pretty much exactly what I read a few short days before. Another one of those moments where I think, okay God, I get it! I need to completely change my thinking. I need to get my focus off of ME and get it on GOD. I wrote the following prayer down during one of the's personal, but I want to share it so you can see the work God is doing.

"God, You are worth more than I can imagine. To not give you my entire self would be beyond selfish. I want to give YOU my whole heart. I so easily give pieces of my heart to things of this world. Things and people who can NEVER satisfy. I want YOU to consume me. Please change me from the inside out. I need a new perspective to get my thoughts and desires off of this world, but to desire You more and more every day of my life. I want to bring You glory in my thoughts and actions ALWAYS. It is for you ALONE that I live. It is for You that I should do each task of every day. Help me to be changed into a woman of God who lives for You!"

So basically I'm taking baby steps to get to where I need to be, but by the grace of God I pray I will get there. I went on a "facebook fast" this week which I highly recommend to do if you ever need to get refocused on what really matters. God has been teaching me so much this week and I wish I had the time to share everything. All I can say is that God is so good and I am truly wanting to be changed from the inside out and to be completely consumed by Him. I am on this earth to live for God, not to live for me. He deserves all of me, not just bits and pieces. Simple. as. that.

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