Tuesday, February 26, 2013

breathing in these 74 days.

Seventy-four days.
That's how long I must wait to meet graduation day.

I have this dilemma. One of which I want to make the absolute best of these next seventy-four days but I can't help but wish they would speed up. In seventy-four days I am going to miss this place that has become a home to me. I have made so many memories here and have learned more about life than I ever thought I needed to know. Though I know how much I will miss these days, I am getting bored.

This is my seventh and last semester of college. I have been here for what seems like forever. I am just ready to wake up in the morning and not have to run to class. I am ready to end long days in the comfort of a home. I am ready to find a job and have a steady income. I am ready to eat real food. I am ready to live somewhere that is not the middle of nowhere. I am ready for a change of pace.

I'm craving adventure. I want to face the unknown in life. I want to sail away to uncharted waters and see where the wind takes me.

With all this said, I am truly convicted about not living in the moment. I'm afraid that if I keep wishing my days away that they will truly do just that...disappear. I don't want to look back ten years from now and hit myself in the head for not making something of this time I have at my fingertips. I am a curious wanderer who just wants to keep moving, but I am trying to realize that the adventure I crave is happening right now.

Life doesn't start and stop. It's a constant. Although I might be starting a new chapter in seventy-four days, the chapter I'm in right now plays a significant role in the overall story. So maybe this is the slow part of the story, but it is after all a

part of the story

that should not be taken for granted. My curious bones are still itching to move forward, but I have to learn to enjoy the moment I'm in. There will always be something down the road; a road that doesn't seem to end. Satisfaction in life shouldn't come from running through it as fast as possible, but by taking things slow, breathing them in, and making the absolute most of every moment.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love 24/7.

I'm not going to lie...I love Valentines Day. It's a time to let others know they are loved. Not to mention, I get to eat abnormal amounts of chocolate and wear pink...honestly, there is no better combination.

Even though Valentines Day can be fun, it's also that time of year where everyone seems to be measuring their worth by how much chocolate they receive or how many heart-shaped cards are in their mailbox. Ridiculous right? Maybe...but so incredibly true.

I've been there...that 16-year-old girl who was the only single girl alive. All my friends walking around with their boxes of chocolate and new jewelry strung around their necks. Oh, and of course their men right at their side. Nothing changes as we get older...I mean heck, I'm still that girl...just a few pounds heavier and with more wear and tear on this heart. Even though girls go the extra mile to make sure everyone knows how much they hate this holiday, we all know honey, that if your boyfriend doesn't buy you flowers tomorrow you will probably never let him live it down.

Some of us are in relationships...and celebrating Valentines day with your loved one should be special.

Some of us are in relationships but may be having problems...and in that case Valentines Day might cause an unbearable ache in your heart.

Some of us are single and Valentines Day might cause feelings of worthlessness.

People, I have experienced all three of these varieties. Which makes me wonder...if Valentines Day causes all these different emotions for people, something isn't right.

Why do we feel like February 14th is the only day we can celebrate love? Why do we feel that if we can't show love to a man than we can't show love to anyone?

There are 364 other days besides February 14th and whoever proclaimed that love was not important on those days is an idiot. Whoever proclaimed that love can only be celebrated between couples is an idiot. Whoever proclaimed that you're unworthy of love if you don't receive flowers or chocolate is an idiot.

Valentines Day is a great reminder to celebrate and show love, but we shouldn't let is burden us. If you're single like me, don't despair. I have a date set with one of my girl friends to go see a chick flick and get some dinner. I'm making cute cards for some of my friends to let them know how much I love and appreciate them. I may not have a special someone in my life...but I have plenty of other people I love dearly and I plan on letting them know it...not just tomorrow, but every day. Don't let the words February 14th scare or nauseate you. It's just a day. Enjoy it.

Go love.
Go eat chocolate.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Life, lately...

January was a whirlwind! 

Three weeks ago I packed up and headed back to school for my LAST semester!!!

I came a week early to take a week long block class on...the arts.

Best part? Getting to go down to Chicago to visit the Art Institute, do some shopping, and of course take pictures by the "bean" for the 20th time.

The artsy part of the trip was great and all, but the stop I made in Forever 21 was more my scene.


This past week we had a huge blizzard. (Surprise, surprise) It's sad when you wake up to a 20 degree day and it feels like a heat wave...but hey, after -14 degree weather...craziness like that happens.

Friends make cold, gloomy days a little more cheery.

...And so do packages from home full of food!

I look like a lost child alone in the woods. haha Thank you, Leah, for capturing this!

After being out in this crazy weather all week I just want to curl up in my covers with some chocolate and popcorn and watch movies for the next couple hours!

Happy weekend, everyone!

a loss.

Being away at school often means missing things happening at home.

The past couple days my dad, among 300 other firefighters and 88 fire departments, worked to control a massive fire at a food plant about a mile from our house.

After about 13 hours, they were finally able to put the fire out. It's crazy how the result of a massive fire is pure ice!

This picture is perfect. A rainbow to give our community hope after such a loss.

About 300 people lost their jobs as a result of this fire. Hopefully the city will do what they can to get the plant running again, but until then my prayers go out to those families!