Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another year down...well almost!

Sorry I've been missing the last few weeks. Life has been CRAZY! Between taking exams, trying to hang out with friends before they depart for the summer, and trying to figure out classes and a job for the summer, I have had little time to update my dear little blog. Well I'm hoping I will have a little more time to blog now that summer is here. That's right...SUMMER IS HERE!!! There's only one little problem...

See all those cars in the dorm parking lot? No? Exactly. There are exactly four cars parked outside right now. Today was graduation and everyone in their right mind was out of here by 3 p.m. sharp. Unfortunately I have a summer block class so I have to stay here until Friday. As if this place wasn't empty enough 7 hours has since turned into a ghost town. BUT...I am determined to make this week fun. I have a few friends taking the class with me and tomorrow I get to move out of the dorm and into a friend's house here on campus, so that will make things a little more pleasant. As far as summer plans go I have no idea what I'm doing. I've had a few interviews that came up empty and I have another one next week which seems a little more hopeful! Cross your fingers and say a few prayers that it goes well!

Well in other news, tonight is my last night with my dear room mate, Leah. My other two room mates already left for home and I miss them dearly! All three of them have been amazing and we got really close this year. They have helped me grow as a person so much and my love and desire to live for God has grown beyond belief because of the impact these ladies have made on me.

I wish I could sum up everything I have learned this year at school. It has been the most challenging, rewarding, growing process of my life thus far. I have had to face heart ache and pain, but I have learned so many things through it that the pain has dimmed so much I hardly notice it anymore. God has brought numerous new friends into my life and He continues to draw me closer to Him. Looking back to September when this year first started and comparing it to where I am right blows my mind. I can't believe in just one short year I'm going to be graduating. I hope throughout this next year I continue learning and growing and becoming the kind of person God intended for me to be. Life continues to be one huge chaotic adventure, but I would never quit this adventure for anything. This life I've been given is a beautiful thing and for that I am thankful.

Wish me luck surviving summer school this week. (I'm starting to remember why I always pitied the kids who had to take summer school back in elementary.) Love to all and have a great night! =)