Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Week!

This week was Halloween and I took advantage of the opportunity to carve pumpkins, eat lots of fall treats and candy, watch scary movies, and dress up in things I would never be able to wear on a normal day! On Tuesday I had a little party with some friends. To start off the night, we played "Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin." When you're in college, parents sometimes send the most random epic packages. A friend of mine was given a "Party in a Box" from her mom, so we decided that we would put the game to use. It was hilarious, to say the least. We each were blindfolded...some of us were thrown over a shoulder and carried to another part of the room...spun around (I may or may not have fallen down), and then had to find our way back to the pumpkin.

After we all made fools of ourselves we carved some pretty awesome pumpkins. After about an hour of operating on our pumpkins and pulling out their guts, this is what we got!

We then proceeded to watch a scary movie. Bad idea? You could say that. But we had WAY too much fun to consider it a bad idea. We all screamed like little girls and were huddled together as if someone were trying to pry us all apart, but hey...that's half the fun of scary movies. I don't know who was more scared, me or the guys. We all saw each other the next day and the lack of sleep was mutual between most of us! The movie we watched, by the way was The Woman in Black. If you wanna get scared and pee your pants, watch it.

It was a GREAT night. Look at all these smiling faces! I am blessed to call these people my friends.

On the night of Halloween my good friend, Taylor, and I decided to go out trick-or-treating. We may be old farts, but we both could pass as 15 year olds, so we decided we could get away with it. Arriving back later that night with a bucket full of candy reassured me it was a good idea. PLUS I got to wear a sparkly pink tutu (which I made myself!) yes, it was for sure the best idea we ever had!

(And wings are on upside down in this picture. haha)

It's been a great week full of friends, tricks, and treats!!! =)


  1. haha, that game looks hilarious fun! I remember playing crazy games like that with my college friends...awesome times!

  2. Love your blog.
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