Thursday, July 19, 2012

p.s. I'm a workin' girl again.

This summer I started babysitting for a particular family and have been privileged to get to know their three beautiful little girls! The parents asked me if I would come along on a week long vacation with them. As soon as they mentioned the word vacation I automatically was thinking Florida or somewhere else beautiful and full of sunshine. Well, turns out the grandparents have a vacation home up near Lake Superior. A little too close to the Canadian border if you ask me! No offense to any of you Canadians, but if I ever invest in a vacation home, I'm going as far south as I can go! As we were driving to our destination I started to realize we were getting farther and farther away from civilization. The busy interstate slowly turned into back roads with horse drawn carriages lined with Amish stores. For a girl who dreams of the city, a town with a population of 88 frightened me a little bit. Luckily the week wasn't as quiet as I thought it would be. I was responsible for three little girls, ages 5, 2, and 2 months. The two oldest love their candy, which means they were rarely without energy! The week was full of swimming, boating, swing sets, and snuggling. I wish I would have brought my camera along, but unfortunately I forgot to grab it before I left. There was very little time to stop for pictures anyways...with two little girls running around and a baby to entertain, I was busy to say the least. After a long week of fun and meeting lots of new people, we ventured back home. After cleaning potato chips out of my hair and wiping off all the spilled juice, I made it home with new memories, new challenges overcome, a closer relationship with a lovely family, and a terrible burn on my elbow that won't seem to disappear. {That's what happens when I try to have a little fun and go tubing!} By the last day, I was looking a little exhausted and ready to go home! The pathetic face in this picture explains that I suppose. =P

BUT...I am home now and I have some exciting news to share with you all! I GOT A JOB! I'm only home for 5 more full weeks before I have to head back up to school and I was done even thinking about the possibility of anyone hiring me, but this employer needed someone to start right away so they decided to hire me! I'll be working as a caregiver in an assisted living organization for adults with developmental disabilities. I actually worked with this organization a few years ago for a summer and I absolutely LOVED it. And what's even better is that the 32 hour/week job is squeezed into 4 days per week so I still have lots of time to continue babysitting for the family I was talking about before. So basically I have two jobs right now and I'll be able to put some money towards my school bill finally. I can't express how relieved I am. Now I don't look pathetic, but I look like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

That is my best friend, Kelsey, by the way. She is another reason I am smiling so big in this picture. =)

So basically...I got to go on a week long vacation, hang out with cute kids, get to know a family better, got a job I know I will love, and I have beautiful friends like Kelsey I get to hang out with the rest of summer. You could say I'm content with where this week has taken me.

Yes, you could DEFINITELY say that.

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