Sunday, July 8, 2012

circumstances of the day.

Trying to hold on to the bigger picture of life can be a challenging affair. Circumstances are often not within one's control. I know I have experienced the truth of that. I expected to come into this summer with a full-time job so I could earn some money to go towards my school bill and be able to provide for myself a little bit instead of having to depend on my parents for every little thing I needed. Well I came home and there was still no job. Even after multiple interviews which seemed promising, nothing happened. I have a few babysitting jobs here and there so I am grateful I have at least that. Yesterday, I would have been leaving for NYC if only I had the money. I was so looking forward to going and teaching summer school like I did last year and I am still crushed that I'm here and not there.

Trying to be content with where I am in life is no doubt a battle. I constantly feel stuck. I just want life to progress but instead I feel like I'm taking ten steps backwards. Looking at my life a year ago compared to now proves it.

So I guess my goal for today is to remember that even though life isn't necessarily progressing how I would like for it to right now, God has a big plan for my life and I just need to be patient until He reveals what it is. Today I am heading out to babysit. I am one of 5 babysitters for 17 little kids. Definitely not the life I want to have forever. Love kids, just not 17 at once. Ha! But basically I am reminding myself as I am reminding you, that the circumstances of today do not determine the reality of the rest of my life. Things will progress how God intends them to, we just have to keep doing the best we can at whatever we are being dealt right now!

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