Monday, June 11, 2012

wouldn't it be nice?

Today I would love two things.

1) To go back to school in the fall and graduate in the spring. This is my friend, Leah, and our friend/recent grad, Jamie! I would love more than anything to be stylin' that cap and gown next May!

2) To get on a plane and leave for New York City next month. I helped teach in a summer school program for a couple weeks last summer and some of the group is planning on going again this year. For those of you who don't heart lives in NYC. I've only been there twice but I'm in love and I know it's where God wants me to be. I have such a burden for the city, especially the kids. Here are a few of my students and fellow teachers!

Well, these are the things I want. But there is ONE problem. I need money to do both. Oh, and anyone alive and breathing knows that we don't get everything we want. =P I'm trusting God because no matter what, things will work out according to His plan. If He wants me back at school, I'll be there...if not, He will have something else planned. If He wants me in NYC next month, I'll get there...if not, He knows it is better for me here at home. Prayers that I will continue to trust in God's plan and to remember that He will provide in whichever way is best are appreciated! Hope you all have a great week! Tomorrow I leave for a few days of much needed fun with some girl friends I haven't seen in a while! I will definitely be sharing some pics later this week. =)

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