Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And...I'm back.

Well, I'm still alive. Blogging has been on the back burner the last couple weeks and I'd say it is about time to get back to it! Since I've been MIA, I finished my Junior year of college and have since been here at home job hunting. The job hunt hasn't been very successful. Trying to find a summer job that doesn't involve frying burgers is hard stuff! I've had a few interviews which all seemed to go really well, only to later receive a big fat no in the end. Not gonna lie...I'm getting a little really nervous about paying my school bill before the fall semester starts up. This is definitely an opportunity to trust God big time. If any of you think about it, any prayers or fingers crossed would be much appreciated!

And as the job hunt continues...I'm trying to make the most out of summer. Bonfires, beach trips, shopping, movie nights, and receiving the worst tan line EVER from sitting out at an air show for 5 hours. Yes, fun stuff indeed. And as much as my mom keeps mentioning how she wishes I had a job, I don't think she minds the amount of cleaning I did for her today around the house. It can be hard to find fun things to do with an empty wallet, but I'm getting by.

Here's a little instagram peek of my summer so far!

1. Ate dinner by the lake with friends one night during my summer class.
2. Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day!!!
3. Driving 4 hours back home!
4&5. Completed my first 5K with my sis-in-law, Julie, and my mom! And what is even more fantastic than was the COLOR RUN!!! I recommend everyone does this at least once!
6. My temptation to steal the dogs from the pet store grows every day.
7. Movie night and ice cream with some of the girls!
8. Cooling off with a snow cone during the air show. =)



  1. Congratulations on completing the 5 K run! thats exciting!
    I need to sign up for some form of run! i need some motivation to train!
    .. and everytime i go to the pet store i have an urge to take home every single animal there!

    1. Thanks! I highly recommend the Color Run if there is one in your area! It was my first 5K and it was perfect. They don't keep time so most of the participants aren't there to compete, but to just have fun! That way, you don't feel too bad if you have to slow down. =P