Monday, April 16, 2012

at least the worms got to come out and play.

Sunday was an awesome day. I was warm, stole my favorite hummingbird necklace from my roomie, hung out with tons of babies at church who were so cute all I wanted to do was squoosh their chubby faces , and then came back onto campus and drank tea all afternoon while doing homework nothing.

I went to bed with confidence in Monday. Well...this Monday decided to be a moody one. I woke up to find that it was humid, wet, and warm. I don't mind a little rain and I love warmth, so I was content. A cute skirt and sandals seemed like the perfect outfit choice.

(If only my roomies hadn't been sleeping, you maybe could have seen my head...)

I skipped off to Greek class. {Yes, I take Greek. They promise us that it is worth our time as counseling majors to learn it. At least my teacher is my brother's best friend and he lets us sing fun songs during class.} I carefully watched my steps...err, to not step on any of the worms who came out to play. The morning was easy, one of my teachers gave us candy, and then it was finally time for lunch. It was then that I was reminded how extremely bi-polar Wisconsin is! You would've sworn there was a tornado coming with how fast the wind was coming at me! First time I wore a skirt this spring...not to mention that it was the flowiest one I own...bad choice. {I apologize to anyone I may have flashed. hahaha} It went from 50 to 30 degrees in a matter of two hours!!! Anyways, I went to lunch and took two fortune cookies...I was feeling like some wisdom was in need. Here is what I got...

Umm...okay. Discovering truth is always good...but the number nine? I swear...who do they hire to make up these fortunes? And do they really get paid to do it? Anyways... after it started SNOWING an hour later I decided I would spend the remainder of the day snuggled in a blanket and avoiding stupid Wisconsin weather. We had an intramural basketball game at 9:30...seriously I don't know who scheduled that game...but if I find out I will need to have a word with them. No one should have to play basketball that late. Our team is called "Barbie Ballers." I'm on the kind of team that gets motivated by promises of ice cream if we win. Oh, and we all get to wear pink...which makes me SUPER happy. Unfortunately, we didn't win and therefore no ice cream for this girl. I am ready to crawl back under my blanket and get some serious zzzzzzzzz's. This Monday was gross and moody and unusually non eventful.

At least the worms got to come out and play.

(and don't worry, I won't mention how they were all dead by the time everyone trampled them on their way to class.)

Get some rest everyone! Moody Monday is officially OVER and Tuesday is coming!!! Goodnight!


  1. Michelle you are so cute! And may I add not only is that my necklace but also that blue skirt is mine too! Thief! I'm glad I wore pants yesterday!

  2. You are adorable! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your cute blog. Greek class? How awesome. Have a lovely weekend! Xo

    1. You're too sweet! Thanks for checking out my blog! You have a lovely weekend as well! =)

  3. Michelle! I've awarded you the liebster award!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway!

    Love your outfits in this post! So cute!
    Hope you have a fabulous "Moody" Monday :)

    1. I was glad to! I hope I win! hehe =)

      Have a great week, Breanna!