Monday, March 12, 2012

embrace today.

What happens in our yesterdays never lasts forever. Even in the instances where maybe our yesterdays do have lasting effects, our yesterdays change and grow into something more. Something better. Something called today. Everyone wishes at one point or another for a do-over. A chance to change what could have been, what should have been. Maybe you can't take back your yesterdays...but why on earth would you want to? Sure, maybe you made some poor choices. Maybe you have to pay a daily price for those choices. But if it weren't for all those yesterdays, you wouldn't have half the benefits of today.

The pains of yesterday eventually fade into today's healing.
The mistakes of yesterday eventually fade into today's wisdom.
The shame of yesterday eventually fade into today's forgiveness.
The regrets of yesterday eventually fade into today's lessons learned.

You can't re-do any of your yesterdays, but you can take advantage of today. You can walk backwards for as long as you want but it will get you nowhere except for an already traveled road. Accept yesterday for what it is and take advantage of today before it too becomes a yesterday. Instead of wishing for a do-over, use that time to think about what those regrets are, and then what actions you can take right now to make today different.

Yesterday might hold a million regrets, but it also holds a million lessons learned...
a million reasons to go into tomorrow stronger, wiser, and braver!


  1. I needed this. Thank you for sharing such wonderful words.

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