Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Adventure...

Well tomorrow is the day. I said goodbye to my good friends and I'm attempting to finish all my packing...last minute of course. =) Even though I've gone through this before, I feel like this is a whole new chapter of my life and a big adventure lies ahead of me. God has been teaching me so much this summer and I know He will continue to do so every day from now on. I'm really nervous about starting this adventure. That's when I try and remind myself of verses like Deuteronomy 31:6..."So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you." Reading about this truth that God will NEVER leave me or fail me is so comforting. Even the people I love the most will sometimes disappoint me and make me feel alone. But wow, to think that the God of the universe is always one step in front of me and watching out for me is amazing. It makes me a lot more excited about going to school tomorrow. I get nervous when I think about all the hard things that may be ahead of me...but when i think about how much all the trials this summer have helped me grow I can't stop thinking, "bring it on, God!" I am hungry and I want to grow. Even if that means walking through valleys in this life...it's honestly so worth it if I know God is working at my heart meanwhile.

So...tomorrow I drive 233 miles to Northland by myself...well myself and God. =) And even though I'm crazy nervous, I'm even more crazy excited to see how God will work. I'm going into all this on faith alone and I am determined to make it a good semester no matter what, or who, tries to get in the way. God has put some amazing, godly friends into my life this summer and I know that I have them and my family behind me. And more importantly I have a God who is walking with me the whole time, no matter what.

Please be praying for me this semester and also for everyone else who will be starting school! I pray that God will continue working on my heart and give me the strength to be the godly woman He wants me to be every day from now on.

God bless... =)

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