Friday, February 1, 2013

Life, lately...

January was a whirlwind! 

Three weeks ago I packed up and headed back to school for my LAST semester!!!

I came a week early to take a week long block class on...the arts.

Best part? Getting to go down to Chicago to visit the Art Institute, do some shopping, and of course take pictures by the "bean" for the 20th time.

The artsy part of the trip was great and all, but the stop I made in Forever 21 was more my scene.


This past week we had a huge blizzard. (Surprise, surprise) It's sad when you wake up to a 20 degree day and it feels like a heat wave...but hey, after -14 degree weather...craziness like that happens.

Friends make cold, gloomy days a little more cheery.

...And so do packages from home full of food!

I look like a lost child alone in the woods. haha Thank you, Leah, for capturing this!

After being out in this crazy weather all week I just want to curl up in my covers with some chocolate and popcorn and watch movies for the next couple hours!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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