Sunday, September 16, 2012

tear down this wall.

Dear God,

Brick by brick
I've built a wall inside my heart so high.
Strong and sturdy,
yet cold and hard.
I thought this was the only way to keep my heart safe.
No heartache, no betrayal, no disappointments.
This must be the only answer.
Stop giving away any of my heart...even small pieces...
and no one will be able to harm it.

My guard has been up for far too long, Lord.

While my heart is what I've been trying to protect,
it's also suffering miserably.
My heart is being stifled behind this wall I've built.
No one has been able to hurt this heart,
but it hasn't received any warmth either.
I haven't given any room for growth in old friendships, and
frankly I make it hard for new friends to get to know me.

I need this wall to be torn down.

This wall I've built is not protecting anything.
It doesn't allow me to love others.
It doesn't allow me to accept love from others.
It doesn't allow me to be Your servant.
It has caused more hurt than it has kept out.

I'm done building this wall.
I want it gone. NOW.
It's blocking me from this world I am called to love.
I need to trust You to be my defender and stop trying to do it on my own.
I obviously don't know how to do it right.

Tear down this wall, Lord. Help me to love without fear.

Love, Your Daughter

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