Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As I sit hear working on homework, I'm sipping on hot chocolate, listening to Christmas music, and thinking about how much I can't wait to go home...so I can see my sister. Yes, I'm excited for winter break for many reasons, but tonight my baby sister is on my heart and I'm anxious to get home to hang out with her.

Reason why I love her #1... She's always willing to do random silly things with me. =)

Reason why I love her #2... She makes me smile. =)

Reason why I love her #3... She is a really good model for when I'm in those picture-taking moods. =)

Reason why I love her #4... She's a cutie pie...always has been, always will be. =)

Okay so just to clarify, there are way more than four reasons I love this girl. She is sweet, caring, sometimes drives me crazy...but I know I do the same to her. No matter what, she will always be my sister. Sometimes I take her for granted, but I truly do know that God has blessed me with placing her in my life. Less than ten days now girlfriend...get ready to for some fun times ahead! Love you, Jennifer Lynn! =)


  1. Even though her real name is Jennifer Lynn, it made me super happy to see JenaLyn at the beginning of this post :) I'm Jena Marie, and I hardly ever meet a one N Jena :) Sounds like a great friend!

  2. My little sister is my go to silly parter too. :)
    It's amazing that you took the time out to express what she means to you. It's something we should do more of every day.


  3. Jena- Jenalyn is just a nickname I have for her! You have a pretty name and it's unique...embrace it! =)

    Lorraine- That's great that you have a fun sister too! We are both definitely blessed! =)